work full time on the best idea in the world. You know that your idea is just the starting point, and you've already begun to turn it into a product. Maybe it's already in beta, maybe you're just about to launch, but you know that product is about to be a 9 figure business. If only...

If only the launch goes well.

If only you get a zillion users.

If only those users actually buy something.

If only you can land the next round.

If only you had a kickass team.


We provide C-level expertise without the C-level price tag. We’ve been there before. We’ve run companies, and we’ve worked on just about every aspect of startups you can imagine. We’ve raised money. We’ve built products from scratch. We’ve geeked out over weird techie things. We’ve branded. We’ve marketed. We’ve financialed. We’ve even cleaned out the kitchen sink...though we’re not suggesting you hire us for that. 

Along the way we’ve gotten into a few habits about how we work. Some companies call it culture, but to us it’s just who we are. 

We are irreverential about where and how we work. This whole internet thing allows us to work whenever and wherever we want to. That’s good for you because we’ll take a call Saturday evening if you need it, and it’s good for us because we might be in Cartagena or Hong Kong while we do it. 

We are decidedly curious about things worth knowing. We hate templates and forms and love the creative unknown. Whether it’s a product strategy or a marketing plan, we love coming up with new ideas and finding the balance between the tried and true and the next-gen world-takeover. 

Most importantly, We are blatantly honest about believing in your company. We only work with people we like and we only work on projects we are passionate about. We’re established enough to be a bit picky about our collaborators, so we’re not going to BS you if we think you have a crappy idea. You have to be the right fit for us, and we have to be the right fit for you. 

It’s that simple

(who we are....and how it all started with pork.)





We will turn you into a business ninja / increase your super power & refine your vision. We leverage our collective insights / massive brains / irreverent humor to make the impossible possible and your product / invention / company more fun / human / desirable / lust worthy.

Our (not so secret) goal is to bring great ideas into the world and help you do the same. 

Thinking of a Master Plan

Kyle’s been around startups since 2005, when he begged his neighbor for a summer job just so he could get out of mowing the lawn. After a week of stamping envelopes, he audaciously proposed a new company direction to the CEO. Although the new division quickly became the company’s most profitable, Kyle still ended up weed-whacking on the weekends. 

No matter. He was hooked. He finished up at Oberlin and went on to the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business, where he did a project incorrectly and wound up with a company the day after his program ended. So, he ran a social media advertising firm for four years before retiring to go sail around the world. He made it as far as Mexico before realizing there’s more to life than lying in a hammock, and started picking up consulting projects to help ease those endless, sun-filled hours. 

It was an awesome revelation. It turns out you can think and lie in a hammock at the same time. The internets don’t seem care if you’re in an office or at the beach...just so long as you keep sand out of the hard drive. 

Thus it came to be that in 2013 Kyle met Charlie in a cafe in Ecuador, and they came up with a simple idea: improve the efficiency of delivering latin-american hornado (roast pork) and achieve world-pig domination. Then, when that idea flew out the window due to Kyle’s semi-vegetarianism, they started redefine. 

With the heart of a 19th-century adventurer, head of a 21st-century entrepreneur, hands of an artist. Charlie Grosso’s life is as much as an expression of her art as her business ventures are. A graduate of University of Southern California, she starts her first business at age 20 and was a serial entrepreneur long before that word was part of the zeitgeist. 

She has worked in various parts of advertising, branding, marketing and strategy for 15 years. 

Charlie embodies adventure, having traveled across six continents and through more than 70 countries via bus, train, caravan, and clunkers. She has raced the Mongol Rally, driven a three-wheeled rickshaw through the length of India, survived a hold-up by Ugandan rebels, all the while consulting for NGOs in the Amazon and Stat-Ups in NYC. Her journey is like no other. Synthesizing cultural idiosyncrasy, from first world countries to god-forsaken hell-holes. Her vision and innovative solutions take us to places we never expect.





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You have to be tired of reading this by now. Just call us. We’re even more interesting on the phone. Ask us for a story about sailing or mountain-climbing or that time we lied to the customs agent about petting an eland. Even ask us what an eland is if you have to. We won’t be degrading; it’s a fairly obscure animal. 

Then we’ll figure out which of our services is right for you. 


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